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March, 2012

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Delphi XE2 Update 4

Two days after official release, I've installed Update 4 of Delphi XE2. Was a bit worried, everything went well. -- Read blog post.

Remote DataSet (via REST) in a ClientDataSet

Nice fix in Update 4 of Delphi XE2: you can now easily "import" a remote dataset obtained from a REST call. -- Read blog post.

DataSnap Clients for FireMonkey iOS in Update 4

Delphi XE2 Update 4 adds a very significant extension to FireMonkey on iPhone and iPad: The Ability to create DataSnap client applications for these devices in a very simple way. -- Read blog post.

Delphi XE2 Update 4 Dependency Issues?

I (and a few others) found out there are dependencies on older versions of FireMonkey in Update 4. Something left over on my PC... or do we need an Update 5? -- Read blog post.

Evening Event by Embarcadero at US Delphi Developer Days 2012

Like in past years, Embarcadero has organized two free evening events in Washington and Chicago during our Delphi Developer Days Tour. Still trying to figure out what to set up in Europe. -- Read blog post.

XE2 Help Update Available and Update 4 Hot-Fix Announced

Yesterday Embarcadero has announced a new update for Delphi XE2 Help (newer than the one distributed with Update 4) and has promised a hot-fix for Update 4 itself. -- Read blog post.

Rome Walk Tour at DDD 2012

At the Rome stop of Delphi Developer Days 2012, the class I organize with Cary Jensen, there will be a special extra: a walking tour with me as a guide. -- Read blog post.

Some FireMonkey 3D Issues

I've recently noticed some issues with the 3D interface in FireMonkey. At times, it just doesn't work. In that case, check your video card, not your version of Delphi. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Developer Days 2012 London and Amsterdam

This week I was in London for the first stop of the Delphi event I organize with Cary Jensen, and now I'm in Amsterdam half-way through the second stop. Here is some information, some links of blogs mentioning us, and some pictures. -- Read blog post.