Two days after official release, I've installed Update 4 of Delphi XE2, after downloading the ISO image. The requirement for this installation is to do a fresh install. I took advantage of this for uninstalling Delphi, cleaning up some left over files in Program Files (x86)/Embarcadero  and a lot more in ProgramData/Embarcadero. Given I have a relatively small primary SSD drive, I try to keep in clean... and move everything less relevant to the much larger spinning drive.

In the DVD, hit install, picked English language, OKed to the license, entered my company (no, not Microsoft), fetched the serial number, picked Delphi and C++Builder (even if I don't use the latter much), went for all features, and at 9:36 I was goign for the install. Meanwhile, I had a look to the list of fixes as Nice I have two monitors, so I could keep an eye to the installer while browsing the web. Good progress, it started installing the help system (requiring my attention) at 9:44, after going through FastReport and Rave fully unattended. "Help is being installed. This may take an exten ed period of time". So I had to wait. AQTime and FinalBuiler did require my OK. Same for CodeSite at 9:47.

At 9:48 Delphi XE2 was running with Update 4 (see below). 12 minutes after I started installing, including a full Help installation. Of course, given I had already registered the product on this computer, I wasn't prompted to do so. Smooth and so much faster than previous version, Kudos to the team... but I guess my fast SSD drive helps a bit!

PS. As much as I hate the idea of a fresh install, it is good to clean up your computer from time to time. 

PS2: I generally wait a bit before installing an udpate, but in this case I had just turned in my "Delphi Mobile" paper for More on this later, in a separate blog post.