I've recently noticed some issues with the 3D interface in FireMonkey. At times, it just doesn't work. In that case, check your video card, not your version of Delphi. I felt there were issues with Update 4, while in fact, there were issues on a couple of PCs I and another person were using.

My PC, Double Video Card

Oddly enough my Dell laptop has two video cards. An on-board Intel video card and an NVIDIA Quadro 1000 M. Both have configuration panels, but at times the system gets a bit messed up. A few days ago (while I was giving a FireMonkey class), after installing Delphi XE2 Update 4, all my 3D programs were just emtpy forms. Not those already compiled (well, not all of them), only new ones. Given other issues, I reinstalled the Update 4, but this didn't help. Getting to the NVIDIA control panel and doing a "Restore Defaults" did the trick, and all programs now work OK.

3D, Virtual Box, and Parallels

An attendee of the class was having a similar problem. His Mac with Virtual Box and Windows running Delphi in it, was stuck for 3D. he tried to a regular Pc, and all was fine. Installed Parallels on the Mac and found out it was a limitation in the virtualization software (Virtual PC). He suggested to share the information, and I did.