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Marco is a RAD Studio Product Manager at Embarcadero Technologies, a best-selling Delphi books author, and a Delphi guru. Read More.

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Delphi With Statements and Local Variables

I was recently discussing against the use of the with statement in Delphi with a customer and I realized that local variables offer a very good way to get rid of with statements -- Read blog post.

10 Years at Embarcadero

This months marks my tenth anniversary as Delphi Product Manager -- Read blog post.

New in GetIt: AWS SDK for Delphi and EdgeBrowser Updates

Over the last few days, Embarcadero updated the AWS package and provided a new release of the WebView 2 support in TEdgeBrowser -- Read blog post.

Delphi 11.2 Patch 1 Released

Yesterday Embarcadero released a patch for Delphi 11.2, worth installing for most users. -- Read blog post.

Special End of September Offer for Delphi

While I generally don't blog about special company offers, this Delphi offer is worth considering -- and it lasts only until tomorrow -- Read blog post.

A Clarification on RAD Studio Versions Numbering

Since version 11, Embarcadero has modified the version numbering scheme of its releases: 11.2 is an update of 11 Alexandria, not a new major version. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 11.2 Release Yesterday

Yesterday Embarcadero publicly released version 11.2 of RAD Studio, C++Builder and, of course, Delphi. This is the second update of Delphi 11 Alexandria. -- Read blog post.

What's Coming in RAD Studio 11.2 Webinar Today

Today Embarcadero is hosting a webinar covering the features of the coming 11.2 release of Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio. Join us for this session to be the first to learns what's new in the product. -- Read blog post.

Delphi iOS Simulator Coming Soon

Embarcadero just announced that the Delphi iOS Simulator support will be back, as part of the next version of RAD Studio -- Read blog post.

LearnDelphi Coding Boot Camp 2022 Registration

Embarcadero and invite all developers, and future developers who want to learn coding, to a summer boot camp in August 2022. -- Read blog post.