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Marco is a RAD Studio Product Manager at Embarcadero Technologies, a best-selling Delphi books author, and a Delphi guru. Read More.

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LearnDelphi Coding Boot Camp 2022 Registration

Embarcadero and invite all developers, and future developers who want to learn coding, to a summer boot camp in August 2022. -- Read blog post.

New RAD Studio Quality Portal User Guide Published

I've just published an updated version of the RAD Studio Quality Portal User Guide on Embarcadero blogs -- Read blog post.

A Delphi Demo with WeatherStack by APILayer

I recently gave a presentation about the use of cloud and REST APIs from Delphi at the Italian Delphi Day conference, at the end of June. Among the various demos, I made some experiments using APILayer REST APIs. In case you don’t know, APILayer is a company that is part of Idera, like Embarcadero. -- Read blog post.

Considerations on Delphi and the StackOverflow 2022 Developer Survey

This is the second year year Delphi is listed in the very large StackOverflow survey and results for the language are better than last year, even if mixed in some areas. -- Read blog post.

Speaking at Italian Delphi Day 2022

In two weeks, I'll be giving a couple of sessions at the (online) Italian Delphi Day event, organized by Wintech Italia. -- Read blog post.

Recently Released Delphi Patches and Plugins

In case you've missed, Embarcadero had a few releases for Delphi last week: a new patch, Bookmarks and Navigator. -- Read blog post.

The VCL LockDrawing method in TWinControl

One of the features added to the VCL library in Delphi 11 is the ability to handle Windows WM_SETREDRAW message easily with two specific methods added to the TWinControl class: LockDrawing and UnlockDrawing -- Read blog post.

Embarcadero Released InterBase 2020 Update 3

Embarcadero has released a new version of its InterBase flagship database engine, InterBase 2020 Update 3, focused on the product’s quality and usability. -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio 11.1 and Windows PE Security Flags

Delphi and C++Builder in 11.1 enable by default a number of PE security flags for Windows applications, some of which were already available, but a bit hidden. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 11.1 Released Yesterday

Yesterday Embarcadero released the first updated of Delphi 11, with a large focus on quality and stability of the features introduced in the last version, starting with the High DPI IDE. -- Read blog post.