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Marco is a longtime Delphi experts, currently working as Product Manager for RAD Studio at Embarcadero Technologies. Prior to that Marco was a Delphi trainer and consultant for Wintech Italia.

Over the years, Marco has written 20 books on Delphi, from the classic Mastering Delphi series to recent self-published handbooks, including the latest "Object Pascal handbook" publishd in 2015. Before working with Delphi, he published 3 books on Borland C++ and the venerable OWL library.

Marco has been and still is a speaker at many Delphi conferences worldwide including over 10 Borland US Conferences, the Software Development Conference (SD), Borland European conferences, EKON (Germany), DCon (UK), Conference to the Max (Holland), DelphiTage, and (of course) quite a few in Italy.

Marco lives in Piacenza, Italy with his wife Lella, their kids Benedetta and Jacopo, and their dog Lillo.

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You can comment about the blog entries on this site directly if pertinent to the topic. If not contact me over social media (see above) or via email as marco.cantu at my company address if work related (that is, or directly if personal (that is,