This week I was in London for the first stop of the Delphi event I organize with Cary Jensen, and now I'm in Amsterdam half-way through the second stop. Here is some information, some links of blogs mentioning us, and some pictures. Remember there is still a chance for you to sign up to coming stops of the event, both in the US (April) and Europe (May). Attendees and guests seem to like the class...


Our first stop was London, were we had a smaller group of people mostly from the UK and Nordic countries, nice group, very active, and we enjoyed it a lot. Here are a few pictures I took with my phone (not a great quality):


 We has Stephen Ball from Embarcadero UK as guest speaker, and he blogged about our event along with a few others at


Right now we have done the first day in Amsterdam and here are a few pictures I took:


 As you can see above in the first image, we had Bob Swart as guest speaker, but we also had Pawel giving a short introduction on XE2 and he also blogged about his participation at He has a picture of myself showing a moving sphere on an iPad, which I've linked below along with another picture I took of Cary listening Bob:


More Events Coming

Two US stops and two more in Europe are coming, so there is still a lot of work for us and a good opportunity for you to attend and learn about new features in XE2 and also review some classic Delphi topics, with a second or more in-depth study.