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November, 2009

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Delphi Application Showcase

Embarcadero has set up an official Delphi Application Showcase, make sure you send them information about your applications written in Delphi. -- Read blog post.

Call for Unicode Migration Stories (by Cary Jensen)

Cary Jensen is looking for contribution to a paper on Unicode Migration Stories he is writing for Embarcadero. -- Read blog post.

Getting Rid of Description Pane in Delphi 2010

There is a "feature" of Delphi 2010 that I don't stand, the new Description Pane of the Object Inspector. -- Read blog post.

ITDevCon 2009 Report

A short overview of the two days spend at ITDevCon in Verona, for a very nice Delphi conference. -- Read blog post.

Links: War for Web, Image Swirl, Delphi 2010 Review

Too little time and too many interesting links, so I'm summing that up in a single post. -- Read blog post.

Choice Guard Popular... on This Blog.

While looking into Google Analytics for my blog site, I noticed a huge number of visits to a page on Microsoft Choice Guard. Quite odd for a Delphi developers oriented blog. -- Read blog post.

Interbase Roadmap: IB in the Cloud

Just saw a reference to an article with the updated Interbase roadmap. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2007 and 2009 eHandbooks

My two most recent books on Delphi are now available in PDF format, for anyone who doesn't qualify to get them from Embarcadero Technologies for free. -- Read blog post.

eHandbooks Discount Code

The coupon for the PDF of Delphi 2007 and 2009 Handbooks I mentioned in the previous post was incorrect. -- Read blog post.

My First Compilation of Midas.dll

While finishing research for my coming Delphi 2010 book, I compiled the midas.dll, available for the first time in source code format. -- Read blog post.