Too little time and too many interesting links, so I'm summing that up in a single post, even if the three topics are totally unrelated.

Tim O'Reilly on "The War of the Web"

Tim O'Reilly blogged about "The War of the Web". I guess this is something that might become a milestone, as web giants like Facebook and Microsoft (and Google, even if to a lesser extent -- at or least more subtle one) are trying to turn the web into their web. A must read article for anyone looking into web technologies and social networks, and a relatively short one. As a use of social web sites, I hate those that try to "confine" you... and let see how this post looks on Facebook (where it appears both through the RSS feed and the Twitter title posting).

Delphi 2010 Review

There has been a very nice review of Delphi 2010 that is worth mentioning. It is on TechRepublic at Not taht is is terribly technical, but it is quite positive... and it is nice to see the company push for reviews rather than hide them (as it happened).

Delphi Image Swirl

Google Lab's Image Swirl is impressive, in both the capability to notice similarities among totally diverse images and the graphical presentation. This is one of the "pages" or "swirls" you can see when searching "Delphi", which is all things Delphi, including the Greek city, automotive tool, and all. But there are Delphi boxes and images, including a couple of yours truly.


PS. Very nice that while you "swirl" the URL changes so you can use it to refer to a specific "configuration". Seems a new way of combining AJAX with URL persistence.