As he blogged on, my friend Cary Jensen is looking for experiences in migrating Delphi projects to Unicode. He is looking for "real-life stories from developers". 

The deadline for submitting ideas and material is November 27, but the sooner the better. You can email your contribution to Tim Del Chiaro at or submit them using the Get Published interface at the Embarcadero Developer Network (EDN). More details are in Cary's blog post. 

This would be a very nice way to help the community at large in learning from experience how to migrate applications to Delphi 2009 and 2010. The material will be edited and organized, so don't worry about writing perfect English or giving out many details, even a rough skeleton with code samples will probably do.

I migrated most of the programs quite smoothly, with some extra hassle in my web servers code. The piece of code I probably had to change more often was file reading and writing code, based on streams, like:

stream.Read (strData[1], length (strData));

Good that I could move to the new (in Delphi 2009) TTextReader and TTextWriter classes, which are also much nicer to use. Anyway, I'll look for more migration issues and send them to Cary. Hope you'll contribute as well, as this can really become a community-driven effort. 

PS. Meanwhile, my REST white paper (focused on Delphi 2010) is almost done and will become available in the coming days. Stay tuned as usual.