The coupon for the PDF of Delphi 2007 and 2009 Handbooks I mentioned in the previous post was incorrect. Even if I corrected it it is worth mentioning this is a specific post. The correct discount coupon for buying the PDF of the "Delphi 2007 eHandbook" at 20 USD (instead of 25) and the PDF of the "Delphi 2009 eHandbook" at 25 USD (rather than 30) is MARCOEBOOK (singular, not plural). Notice that the offers expires on December 1st, 2009.

Anyone who bought at full price (as the coupon didn't work) can contact me. I won't be able to refund the difference but I'm more than willing to offer them a very good deal for another ebook to compensate. Thanks to those who reported the problem. As I saw sales with the discount I though everything was fine, but the fact is that the code was correct on Twitter and not on my blog.

By the way, I'm quite impressed by the Fastspring shop configuration and reporting. As an example, this is the list of countries of the ebooks buyers so far: