While finishing research for my coming Delphi 2010 book, I compiled the midas.dll, available for the first time in source code format. IN case you don't know, this is the actual implementation of the commonly used ClientDataSet components, the default in-memory dataset used by Delphi applications (as it is the only one shipping with the product).

All I had to do was correct a few project setting to avoid having temporary files being written to folders I have no permission to write to, being on Windows 7. It all took a few minutes to configure, and less than that to compile:

As you can see the library has over 400,000 lines of source code, written in C++ (but it is just C with a few classes here and there, not a real object oriented structure). The project has many source code files and it was fun to browse the code and find many "old time" references: BDE, ISAPIxx.DLL, and the like. Now I didn't make any change, but the idea of being able to do so is nice. Notice, anyway, that this was not released as an open source library, but only made available to registered users of the product, exaclly like the VCL source code it is part of.