Embarcadero has set up an official Delphi Application Showcase, at http://www.embarcadero.com/application-showcase. The idea is quite interesting and even if there were already similar lists around, having an official one by Embarcadero (and having the company use the Delphi community for marketing the product) is quite nice.

The user interface is nice, even if not very intuitive (how do you move to the next element? is there a way to get the complete list? I think no), and it is even nicer it was implemented with Javascript (using the scriptaculous library) while at first sight it might as well seem a Flash page. When will we have a Javascript IDE from Embarcadero? But I'm digressing...

Make sure you send them information about your applications written in Delphi (and other Embarcadero languages), at http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/39930

Ironically, I just proposed a similar project to the European marketing, and it was not accepted as this was already in the works. There is one significant difference worth considering. The current list of programs in the Delphi Showcase is mostly made of  utilities, shareware, Internet client applications, and the like. In my view, it would be very relevant to have business applications (including applications that are not for sale, but made for internal usage). I hope people who wrote software in this caterogy will submit and Embarcadero will accept them, as this is an equally large category of programs written in Delphi.

Kudos to the idea and let's hope it grows, as for now the list of Good Quality Applications written in Delphi at Delphi Wiki is much longer. The more the better in terms of visibility, even if some of the programs are not well known to the large public.