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August, 2009

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Firebird wins Award, Gains Embarcadero Support

Firebird wins SourceForge Community Choice Award and gains Embarcadero support in the form of a specific Delphi dbExpress driver. -- Read blog post.

IDE Sneak Preview of RAD Studio 2010

Embarcadero has posted a sneak preview of the new IDE features of (drums rolls) Delphi 2010, meanwhile announcing the product name. -- Read blog post.

Bye Bye Borland, Bye Bye Codegear, Long Live Embarcadero

With the closing of the acquisition by MicroFocus, Borland is now officially gone. The CodeGear brand is spawned when it sold its IDE business to Embarcadero is disappearing as well. If you are in the Delphi site, what's left is Embarcadero Technologies. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2010 IDE Beta Blogging: Use Units

There has been a flurry of "authorized" beta testers blogging about the new features of the Delphi 2010 IDE in the past week. I'd like to add a small little updated dialog to the list of new features I like. -- Read blog post.

Preview of Touch UI in RAD Studio 2010

Embarcadero has posted a second sneak preview of Delphi 2010, covering the VCL extensions for supporting touch, gestures, and the development of kiosk applications. -- Read blog post.

Attributes and the new RTTI in Delphi 2010 (by Malcolm Groves)

Malcolm Groves has published a "preview" article on attributes and the new RTTI in Delphi 2010, which is worth a look. -- Read blog post.

Preview of Database Extensions in RAD Studio 2010

Delphi 2010 has new and improved dbExpress drivers, including one for Firebird, and several extensions to DataSnap 2009, the new socket-based multi-tier layer. -- Read blog post.

Virus W32/Induc-A Attacks Delphi SysConst.pas

Antivirus experts have found an odd virus that attacks Delphi (versions 5 to 7) by changing a library unit to get compiled into your own programs. -- Read blog post.

More on the Delphi Virus Alert

Yesterday there was a flurry of posts regarding the Delphi virus alert regarding W32/Induc-A. Some are worth referring, as the overall discussion this has started is quite interesting (and rather high level). -- Read blog post.

How to Stop W32/Induc-A Virus (or the Delphi Virus)

While information about the W32/Induc-A Virus (or Delphi Virus) keep spreading, it might be worth focusing on how to stop the virus from spreading. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2010 Released

Today Embarcadero Technologies released Delphi 2010 (along with C++Builder 2010, Delphi Prism 2010, and RAD Studio 2010). The feature set is quite interesting... -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2010 Articles and Documentation

Some links to articles and comments about Delphi 2010, after its release. And the link to the online wiki-based documentation. -- Read blog post.

CodeRage 4 Starts The Conference Season

Embarcadero's online conference, CodeRage 4, is the first of a series of conferences I'm going to speak at. -- Read blog post.