With the closing of the acquisition by MicroFocus (after some tribulation that made the original offer increase by 50%), Borland is now officially gone as a company. If you look at the stock value, its last close was on July 27th. The company started by Philippe Kahn in 1983 doens't exist any more. It would be interesting to go over its history of increbible successes (Turbo Pascal, Sidekick, Quattro, Paradox, Delphi, to name just a few) and astonishing failures (like the years it took to get out a cranky dBase for Windows), but it was certainly a company of great technical talent and a company that could drive the industry both in terms of technology and price tags.

Some of its legacy survives, but most of it is not among the goodies bought by MicroFocus (the ALM side of the business), but among the development tools and database technology that was acquired over one year ago by Embarcadero Technologies. At the time of that acquisition, the idea pushed forward was to keep the CodeGear brand and create an DatabaseGear brand alongside. This is apparently not the plan any more. All of the codegear.com sites are being redirected to the corresponding Embarcedero ones, and (from the early reports) the full-featured version of the next Delphi will actually be called "Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010" (as from this image taken from Chris Benson blog):

So as the Delphi community says bye bye to Borland, we are also saying bye bye to the CodeGear brand. Long live Embarcadero, Delphi's new home .