There has been a flurry of "authorized" beta testers blogging about new features of the Delphi 2010 IDE in the past week. After the IDE beta video I've already bogged about, there have been so many blog posts, that it is even hard to track them.

Beta Blogs

Here are a few:

Use Units

For me, the beta testing experience with 2010 has been a pleasure and I found the changes in the IDE are both speed boosters and pleasing in terms of UI quality. IDE Insight is certainly on top of those. But rather than covering it once more, I'd rather focus on one "minor detail", a seldom used dialog that sees a large improvement in both usability and Ui quality. This is how the use units dialog box was for many versions up to Delphi 2009:

Notice that in the top edit you can type a unit name, or you can pick one in the list below. That's it. Let us now look at the same dialog box in Delphi 2010: 

The upper edit is now a full filtered search box, the old gray background has gone, the UI is nice, and you can decide to add the unit to the interface or the implementation section. Not bad for a very minor improvement. A large number of dialogs see similar changes, making the Delphi 2010 IDE easier and nicer to work with. 

Now I see beta blogging is starting to move to the VCL in Delphi 2010... keep an eye open for it.