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November, 2008

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Installation Day: Delphi Update 1 and Open Office 3

I've installed the Delphi 2009 Update 1 using the internal utility. Fast and smooth, I have to say. And also installed the final release of Open Office 3, hoping to see an annoying bug fixed. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Native Code: Fast or Reliable?

Delphi for Win32 is a tool focused on native code. Delphi compiled programs are fast... but does this really matter? In my view, reliability and stability are more important. -- Read blog post.

My CodeRage III Talks

Although the program is still not final, I'm supposed to give 4 talks at the coming online CodeRage III conference by CodeGear. -- Read blog post.

Hejlsberg on Turbo Pascal and Future Languages

Microsoft Denmark has made available a very nice video, in English, or Anders Hejlsberg covering the future of programming languages by starting with the 25 years old Turbo Pascal he originally wrote. -- Read blog post.

Tim Anderson on Delphi .NET Saga

Tim Anderson has a very interesting blog post with a summary of the history of Delphi for .NET, from Delphi 8 to the coming Delphi Prism. -- Read blog post.

Improved Native Support in Visual Studio 2010

According to an SDTimes report, Microsoft will push native features in the next version of Visual Studio. So native development in not dead, nor Delphi... -- Read blog post.

Changes in Pricing

Since the beginning of November, has partially changed its pricing structure, affecting the prices of my print-on-demand books. -- Read blog post.

EKON 12 Pictures by Jeroen

Jeroen Pluimers has posted dozens of nice pictures of the recent EKON 12 conference, including a few of myself -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio 2009... With My Delphi 2009 Handbook

CodeGear has announced the availability of RAD Studio 2009, with a time-limited offer including my Delphi 2009 Handbook in ebook format. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2009 White Paper #1: Unicode

CodeGear has publishing on their Developer Network web site the first of a series of white papers I wrote. -- Read blog post.

Cantools Wizard for Delphi 2009

I've uploaded the last build of my own Delphi wizards collection. -- Read blog post.