The first time, rather than downloading the Delphi 2009 Update 1 and installing it manually I decided to go for the automatic installation. All I have to do differently than the usual was to start the Delphi 2009 IDE on Vista with admin rights (or checking for updates would have simply failed, as usual). Soon after Delphi prompted me to download and install the update:

I clicked the Download button (as I had already read the notes), followed a couple of extra steps and everything was very smooth. Don't know how much time it took, as I could basically keep working in the IDE for most time, and was doing other non-computer-based tasks as well. But downlaod took a minute or less, and installation was very fast. After restarting, my about box clearly tells me I have the update installed (without having to check the build numbers):

Nice job CodeGear. It is not only relevant to make updates available, but also to make it easy for everyone to update.

On a completely unrelated topic, I also installed Open Office 3, apparently a very nice and smooth version of the open source and extremely valuable alternative to Microsoft Office. I've used Open Office as my primary word processing and presentation software for a few years now, even if a currently own an Office license (part of a deal, not paid separately). I find Open Office clean, powerful, and superior to Office in some areas. Its PDF (and SWF) support has been working for years. Using compressed XML files means I can have code that processes them. Multi-user editing is on par with Office.

I heard that the Microsoft version will gain extra power in the future by providing integration with its (still to come) online version. Nice to know. I've been enjoying the Google Docs integration plug in I can use to import and exports local documents to Google Apps directly to and from Open Office, at the click of a button. Seems Microsoft will clone that, too.

Anyway, I'm nos sure if the footnotes trimming bug is fixed. I haven't seen it today, but it is too early to tell. I'll have to work on my book for a few days to see if things improve in that area. Beside that, I've seen a slightly improved user interface, faster times on some operations, but I was quite happy with the current version, so I don't have huge expectations for the features. I'll let you know in some time.