I've uploaded the last build of my own Delphi wizards collection. You can find the package (compiled BPL) on my web site on http://www.marcocantu.com/tools/cantoolsw.htm.

From the same page, just updated, I've borrowed the description of the wizards, you can see below. Notice that some of them are for internal demonstration only, others totally outdated, but some are new since I last published them, including the database from wizard and the bookmarks pane. Time permitting, I'll clean them up, remove the useless code, update the about box, and move the source to one of the free online repositories.

  • ListWizard: does at the source level what generics do for you. Useless.
  • OOPFormWizard: let you remove the form components from the publsihed section, making them private, by adding to the form the required manual initialization code.
  • Settings: change menu position and enable clipboard tracking (shaky). third option is useless...
  • About: a very old about box.
  • Object Inspector Font: let's you change the font of that pane. Great for presentations, not all fonts adapt well.
  • Rebuild Wizard: let's you see all projects in a directory tree and build them all in sequence
  • Clip History Viewer: last 9 text entries of the clipboard (if tracking is enabled)
  • VCL Hierarchy: a tree of all currently installed components, including third party ones
  • DB Form Wizard (likely the most usefull!): like the database wizard of the early days, but based on dbExpress. Placed SQLConnection, SQLDataset, DatasetProvider, CleintDataSet, and a series of DBEdits in a form, all at once.
  • No ".net safe" warnings: disables the safe type, safe cast, safe code warnings of the current project. Handly when updating very old projects.
  • Bookmark list (nice): show in a dockable pane the list of bookmarks in the current file. A long due feature of the IDE.
  • Palette Info: shows in the message pane the name of the elemetns of the Tool Palette (list of components and groups). Interesting only for exploring the internals.
  • Add to project manager for .ini: Add a project manager menu items for INI files (useless)
  • ShowDebug Inspector: opens the Debug Inspector (a run time object inspector) for the IDE, letting you view the internals (forms, component, etc) and change some of them. The same component is avaialble for use in your own applications.
  • Publish Project: produced an HTML-ized version of the source code. Very crappy, you get "chinese" due to Unicode errors... will work on it.