CodeGear has publishing on their Developer Network web site the first of a series of white papers I wrote. The topic of this first white paper, which is based on material of my coming Delphi 2009 Handbook, is Delphi and Unicode. You can read the PDF on (or download it from):

This is the first of five white papers, based on the book, which will cover also improvements in the language, in the IDE, in the VCL, and in DataSnap. Although they are based on material from the book, I've omitted a lot of information on these topics, so that the book has more in-depth coverage. Also the book covers many other topics the white papers ignore. The 5 white papers will be available to anyone, the complete PDF of the ebook only to customers of RAD Studio 2009 (if I understood this correctly), while my book will soon be available to anyone... who buy it <g>.

I'll let you know when the other white papers will be published. BTW, I noticed that Jan Goyvaerts commented on it (and he's a real Unicode expert who did some tech reivew of that portion of the book).

(I don't generally blog on Saturday night, but was busy on Friday after a trip to Trieste and will be traveling on Monday as well...)