Since the beginning of November, has partially changed its pricing structure, affecting the prices of my print-on-demand books. They've changed (by a matter of cents) some of their core prices, to compensate changes in costs, and also started using day-to-day currency values, rather than fixed currency exchanges. This is the current price of my books in USD and EUR (the other options being UK Pounds):

  • Delphi 2007 Handbook: 38.76 USD - 28.72 EUR (it was originally 36.65 USD and about 29.00 EUR)
  • Essential Pascal: 27.38 USD - 20.29 EUR (was 16.50 EUR, so this really got more expensive)
  • The Social Web: 18.89 USD - 14.00 EUR (I don't remember the original pricing)

The other difference is that you'll see the shipping costs at the very end of the buying process, but that's quite normal for most sites. I might edit the prices a little bit, to realign them to the original (even if that means cutting some of my earnings), and possibly make them round (well, at least in the basic currency).

I'm also trying to figure out the correct price point for my new Delphi 2009 Handbook. As it is about 400 pages, and took a huge effort to write, I'm thinking of a slightly higher price tag than the 2007 Handbook, with a price around 40 Euros and 50 dollars. Or, maybe, 49.95...