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October, 2006

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2006 EuroDevCon / EKON 10, Final Days

The last day of the conference, some more thoughts on entire conference, and my one-day workshop, after getting back home. -- Read blog post.

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's?

Today's SD Times newsletter, "News on Monday", titles "No Sale at Borland", but claims the announcement is imminent. -- Read blog post.

Why aren't you upgrading Delphi? Reasons and myths.

Nick Hodges has started a very interesting thread and is receiving many responses based on facts, but also many based on myths. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine

There are 3 Delphi books on Lulu. I'm planning to add a couple of mine... and ask you to help me pick the topic. -- Read blog post.

The Alternative Delphi Roadmap (by Simon Kissel)

Simon Kissel has published a very interesting proposal asking DevCo to invest in the Delphi Win32 (and Linux) more than in the .Net side. Very interesting appraoch. -- Read blog post.

Why aren't you upgrading Delphi? The debate is hot.

With almost 1,150 messages in a single thread of the non-tech newsgroup, hundreds of comments to several blog posts, alternative roadmaps flourishing, the debate is quite hot (and for good reasons). -- Read blog post.

Reading a Long Thread in a Browser (and Looking for Beta Testers)

As mentioned in my previous post, there is a long message in non-technical, which provides an interesting test case for my newsgroup front-end on the web... -- Read blog post.

Delphi .NET Language: First Class, NameSpaces, and More

Just a pointer to a couple of recent posts involving the Delphi language on the .NET platform, plus my perspective on them. -- Read blog post.

Online Backup with Mozy

I've started using an online backup system... and I find both the idea and the implementation quite interesting. -- Read blog post.

Borland DTG Sponsors the Firebird Conference 2006

Hard to believe at first, but I think this is a GREAT news. DevCo is sponsoring the FireBird Conference 2006 in Prague, in the coming month. -- Read blog post.

A Flexible Installer for a New Delphi Sales Model

In a newsgroup post, Chris Pattinson of DevCo outlines a possible new strategy for deploying Delphi in a component based fashion... which in turn will promote subscriptions. -- Read blog post.

Vista and Delphi and Eulas

There is a very good article about Delphi and Vista... and also many on the new rules Microsoft is setting for the coming version of the Windows OS. -- Read blog post.

Mixed-Mode Delphi? Not For Me

There has been some recent discussion about having Delphi support .NET mixed-mode, like Microsoft's C++/CLI does. I think the current Delphi .NET strategy is far better. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Survey 2006

The yearly survey of the Delphi community is online. -- Read blog post.