Today's SD Times newsletter, "News on Monday" (which as far as I can tell is not available on their web site) covers as first article the lack of news from Borland, after the "promise" a few months back that the transaction would be done during the quarter ending September 30th. The article by Jennifer deJong, however, refers that an unnamed source close to the company told them that:

"The lawyers are dotting the i's and crossing the t's." ...
"The details [around licensing intellectual property ] are a lot more complicated than they thought."

According to the same article, delays might also be related to the recent decision by Borland (the ALM side of the company) of dumping the Core SDP project, which last year was supposed to be the solution of each IT problem in the world. As I mentioned in my lastest post, let's keep our fingers crossed.

An a related topic, I've found out at EKON that most people think Borland ALM will be the target of an acquisition by a much bigger company after the sale of their IDEs, which might as well interfere with the process. How soon after and which company is a matter of debate, though. Along Microsoft, some suggest Oracle and HP, with IBM slightly out of the picture as they already own Rational and many other related tools. I'm curious, what's your take?