You have probably already seen references to it, but there is a very interesting article on Delphi and Vista. It has also an interesting collection of Vista tech links at the end. I have a lot of code to "play" with the hidden application window -- seems it is time to make a good use of them. Anyway, it is nice to know Delphi apps can be ported to Vista without a large effort. Soem reports also say BDS could be exedcuted on Vista... I wonder it I need to new computer to play with the new OS.

On the other hand, I wonder how I'll feel when accepting the Vista EULA (End User License Agreement), granting Microsoft the right to peek at what's installed in my machine, accepting not too change the hardware too much without having to buy a new license, preventing the installation of a second copy of the OS in a virtual machine running on the same computer, and the like. You can read an article describing the changes on cnet, and a very critical post on wendy's blog. Software companies have all the rights to prevent piracy. But software users who have paid for an operating system should have at least some reasonable rights as well... The idea that if I play a digitally protected file (maybe grabbed from my very own DVD) my video player can get stomped or that features on my machine can be disabled (randomly?) if I'm considered a pirate (and I'll have to prove I'm not!), really make me wonder if time has come that legitimate/paying software users stand up for the rights of using the software the buy as they like. Vista looks nice... but XP works well enough, and I might stick with it for my primary system for some more time... or until the rewirte the EULA.

On a more positive tone towards the company, I'm really impressed by how Microsoft is reinventing itself. The article on Ray Ozzie on Wired is a very interesting read. What I find amusing, though, is that on one side Microsoft wants to offer free services (and possible software) for ads, and on the other side produces a user-unfriendly Eula for Vista. On one side it produces great technology for .NET (and could conquer the developers), on the ther side ties it to Vista (limiting the market appeal). Or may be not, they'll open it up for everyone... hope they figure out!