Lulu is a very popular print-on-demand system. There are currently 3 Delphi books published on it:

I've been thinking of publishing on Lulu for some time, but having seen the current status of my published books, I'm now resolved to make a couple of experiments, before deciding what to do with my next mayor book. In this post of Nick Hodges on Julian's book on Lulu, I was referenced indirectly twice: once by Nick ("What I really hope is that one of those authors with a really fat book will choose to use lulu instead of the traditional publishing houses for their next edition."); once by Kent Morwath ("I'd like to see books like "The Delphi Developer's Handbook" made availabe this way.").

Rather than reprinting an old book (DDH was written in Delphi 2 days...), I though about taking some of the material and revising it for a newer version of Delphi. There are two different books that might come out of this effort, one on writing VCL components, the other on advanced Win32 API programming topics. However, I currently have other material I can run into a book, including OOP techniques, patterns, Web 2.0 and AJAX, as well as publish some of my introductory books for Delphi newcomers.

Before deciding, I thought it would be a good idea to run a poll, asking you which topics you'd like best. So I've spent a couple of hours to finish some polling support for this site (I had an earlier version for another site, never published, so this is more or less a "second beta version"), and made a poll available. Beside providing comments to this post as usual, I ask you to VOTE A BOOK TOPIC or suggest one. You can check the current votes here.