I've started using Mozy, on online backup system you can find here (disclaimer: if you signup with this link and start use the system I'll get some bonus memory space, but you should get some extra as well).

I find the idea quite interesting. You get 2GB for free and the upgrade to the 30 GB offer for 5 $ a month. I've seen GMail and other online services not meant for this service used for backup, but they seem too much of a hack. This service has a nice configuration, keeps everything encoded, runs in the background (with a bandwith usage limit), and seems to have all I'd ask to a backup system, without having to run one directly on my server. Interesting. I wonder if Amazon (with S3) and GDrive (whenever and if this will happen) will offer similar capabilities... and maybe there are alredy better alternatives I'm not aware of.

By the way, before you ask, the Win32 client application you download after signing up (an unusual approach, I have to say) looks like it was written in Visual C++, not in Delphi. So this is not a Delphi-related post.