Visual Basic Fusion

The life for VB Win32 developers isn't easy these days...

30+ Delphi Developers

How many companies have a large number of Delphi developers?

More Delphi 2006 Hotfixes (12 and 13)

Two new hotfixes for Delphi 2006 and C++Builder 2006 users.

Two Weeks Offline (in Southern France)

I'm leaving my computer behind... while taking some time off with my family.

Back to Work

I'm back to work after two weeks in southern France, offline.

CapableObjects and Other Delphi News

ECO is now a property of CapableObjects, a partner of CodeGear. Plus some more Delphi-related news...


I've added SnapShopts from snap.com to my blog.

A Second Life for Delphi

An article on CodeGear by Kathleen Richards has an interesting roundup on the company and its flagship product.

My US Visa Story

Security expert halvar.flake was denied entrance in the US for speaking at a conference. Which reminds me of the story behind my US visa, which I never fully told.