July 27, 2007

A Second Life for Delphi

An article on CodeGear by Kathleen Richards has an interesting roundup on the company and its flagship product.

An article on CodeGear by Kathleen Richards "Second Life, Second Chance for CodeGear", published by Redmond Developer News, provides an interesting analysis of the status of the company. The subtitle tells a lot more about the content:

Can Delphi thrive now that it's free from corporate parent Borland?

The article has a good summary of recent events (the spin off and the like), has an case study (by Charles Vinal, of Euclid Technology), and focuses on the current status of Delphi. In the section titled "Native Strengths" you can read:

"Many developers argue that Delphi's tooling for native code, despite no support for Unicode and 64-bit compilers, still surpasses what's offered in Visual Studio."

Beside misspelling a name ("Craig Stintz"?) and being a little generic, I think the article is worth reading. Not that I fully agree with it, though. The section on open source, for example, is a very light analysis.

PS. I'll remove ASAP the SnapShots that 100% of the people who posted a feedback message said they don't like!

PS2. I would be interesting to see how many searches get misdirected by the title "Second Life" of this post.



A Second Life for Delphi 

I wasn't going to complain that <a
misspelled my name</a>. But since you flagged the same
thing above, maybe I should? :)

(No offense taken; just having fun!)
Comment by Craig Stuntz [http://blogs.teamb.com/craigstuntz/] on July 27, 20:05

A Second Life for Delphi 

One other thing: The strangest thing about that
article is that none of the direct quotes are in
quotation marks, blockquoted, or otherwise visibly
distinguished from the author's prose. You kind of
have to guess from context. 
Comment by Craig Stuntz [http://blogs.teamb.com/craigstuntz/] on July 27, 20:09

A Second Life for Delphi 

I've actually pondered CodeGear building a development
environment for SecondLife.


They have the "Linden scripting language" (LSL) and
could use a partner with dev tool expertise. :)
Comment by Brian Moelk [http://www.brainendeavor.com] on July 28, 01:48

A Second Life for Delphi 

 I have to agree with Craig on the formatting of the 
article - it's difficult to read, and also to 
distinguish between a direct quote and the author 
paraphrasing what was said (e.g., I don't recall 
making the "milking" comment). The author also left 
out that we use visual studio asp.net to CALL the web 
services written in Delphi.
Comment by Charles Vinal on July 30, 23:57

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