July 26, 2007


I've added SnapShopts from snap.com to my blog.

I've added SnapShopts from snap.com to my blog. This is a way to have an automatic preview of each and every external link on the site. It can be fine tuned, enabling or disabling specific links, so I might change how it works a little over time (suggestions are welcome). Since I like this feature from other sites, as I can figure out if I'm really interested in a link before opening it, I decided to add it to this blog and possibly to some of the other sites I manage (and there are quite a few) in the near future.

Notice, there is also a SnapShot plug in for Firefox. Interesting, although it makes it a little confusing to figure out on which sites it was originally enabled....


As I got a few complains and noticed some weird links myself, I decided to keep the snapshot of the links only for the body of the blog posts, removing them from the rest of the site... but if I keep getting complains I'll get rid of them or let users activate them only if they like the idea.




Sometimes, this could be annoying. Appering when I 
dont want and it doesn't have a X where to close it.
Comment by Alf on July 26, 16:15


 Very annoying!  I vote that you turn this off!

Comment by Larr Shepard [http://larrysdelphiblog.blogspot.com/] on July 26, 17:51


 I agree that it's not useful TO ME, but messing with
it I see that there is a little cog icon (settings)
that allows me to disable the feature for all sites. 
This seems to be a 10 second fix that will last
forever (or until you clear cookies or change IPs or
whatever they use).  
Comment by Andrew on July 26, 19:19


I'm sorry to say this, but I personally find SnapShot
pretty annoying. I noticed that more and more sites
use this which is very unfortunate. But if you like
it, just keep it :)
Comment by Dennis [http://blog.gurock.com/] on July 26, 23:14


Snapshots are one of the reasons I dislike Internet 
Explorer. These things are very annoying. I know of 
no way to disable them in IE. Firefox is what I use
Comment by Invar Brass [] on July 27, 05:01



How can I disable this in FireFox? Also Opera?
Comment by Alf on July 27, 21:13

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