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July 5, 2007

30+ Delphi Developers

How many companies have a large number of Delphi developers?



30 Delphi Developers 

 In Greece, 4 out the 5 biggest SW companies with 
more than 10 developers, use Delphi whereas 1 chose 
MS Visual Studio ( they all used to be Turbo Pascal 
Small companies from 1 to 5 developers use Delphi at 
50% to 80% (I presume) BUT I think NONE is using 
Delphi for Web stuff.

Mind you, all this is personal conviction after 
years of market experience and does not quote any 
official or other report !
Comment by Petros Gavrielides on July 5, 12:43

30 Delphi Developers 

 In Spain you can find some with a (lot) more than 10 
developers: Iberia and Globalia come to my mind. They 
have surely a lot of developers since they are big 
companies, although doing inhouse development mostly. 
Comment by Guillem on July 5, 13:50

30 Delphi Developers 

In Ukraine there are three, may be four companies 
with 30 - 100  developers, which are using Delphi, as 
I know Delphi is'nt quite popular here    
Comment by Andrew [] on July 5, 14:28

30 Delphi Developers 

 Here in the states you'll find that to not be the
case.  Here in Arizona, there is one large delphi shop
that is in the process of converting everything to
Java.  After that, I don't think there is a single
Delphi employer.
Comment by Michael McCurrey [] on July 5, 17:29

30 Delphi Developers 

I'm from Ukraine too, and I'd say, Delphi is popular 
here, especially in small companies. I can say, 
honestly, most are using cracked IDE :( . Price is 
too high for small companies.
   Anyways, in my company, we have 6 delphi 
developers currently, and about 8 usually.
I hope CodeGear will show more support to post-USSR 
developers, comparing to Borland. 
Comment by Andrij S. [] on July 5, 18:09

30 Delphi Developers 

I live in Greece too but i don't think the usage of
Delphi is as Petros said.
The only SW houses that uses Delphi are indeed these
old Turbo Pascal houses.
But the small companies simply does not use Delphi at
all but rather VS and generaly MS products.
Comment by kikapu on July 5, 18:10

30 Delphi Developers 

Here at VersaTrans (Albany NY), we have 8 Delphi
Comment by Chris Miller [] on July 5, 19:15

30 Delphi Developers 

I guess Mexico's case is not so different to the
Ukraine's one, although I know some small companies
that are successfully using it, I don't know a single
large software company using Delphi, except maybe
Smartware (longtime Borland partner).

Here (Mexico and part of Latinamerica) we have two,
maybe three entire generations of developers that were
taught programming using old Borland's tools.
Sometimes I think new developers think on Delphi like
a Myth of a probably outstanding IDE and powerful
programming language alternative, where they could do
anything they want. 

We suffer of the typically fault of synapse between
industry and education, but we are actively and openly
combating it. While this happen, well organized
marketing companies like Microsoft are doing their

Our large companies use to be rather outsourcing
companies like the ones in post-USSR countries (I
guess) and they use to develop what their clients
wants and with the tools that their clients wants to:
enterprise-supported technologies like J2EE or
enterprise-supposed technologies like .Net
Comment by Salvador Gomez Retamoza [] on July 5, 20:49

30 Delphi Developers 

I am sure that many Chinese mainland developers use
Delphi or C++Builder, but many of the copies are not

BTW, Marco, I can not read this post inside
Thunderbird 2. It did find out this post but could not
display it in its Message Panel.
Comment by Lex Mark [] on July 6, 04:41

30 Delphi Developers 

 Salvador, you are absolutely right about outsourcing 
industry in Ukraine. Unfortunately very few 
outsourcing companies use Delphi, all three Delphi 
companies I mentioned in my previous post develop for 
local market 
Comment by Andrew on July 6, 12:35

30 Delphi Developers 

 In Italy the delphi (and/or c++ builder) from 
codegear is limited only to passionate developers by 
many marketing errors done by the Borland marketing 
M$ organize big events with rich buffet and give 
away developer tools to much people only to diffuse 
Today I work more than an hour with VS 2003 doing a 
reverse engineering of a big library and I know now 
more than yesterday that I love Delphi but my boss 
think that M$ give a better support.
Borland marketing and support was very bad in the 
Hoping that Codegear give us good products  like the 
last EXCELLENT Delphi/C++ 2007 and give a better 
Comment by Giulio on July 6, 17:22

30 Delphi Developers 

The company (in Belgium, 30 developpers) where i work 
is using VB6. As they decided to move to Delphi, 
Borland announced the sell of the IDE, so the bosses 
choosed Java. I was very disapointed! Today it's to 
late because my company already invested into 
training in Java. Thank you Borland marketing!
Comment by lourson on July 10, 14:01

30 Delphi Developers 

Here in southern Arizona I can think of one company
that uses Delphi, but I'm sure that they do not have
anywhere  near 30 programmers. One thing about the
relative popularity of Delphi that I have always
wondered about: it seems that there is more interest
in it outside the USA than in its home country.  The
online community includes people from many countries,
and I regularly use tools from Belgium, Slovenia, and
Spain.  How did this come to be?  Are Americans afraid
to use anything not made in Redmond?

Comment by John Algeo on July 11, 02:46

30 Delphi Developers 

Well here in my country Nigeria, i feel sad to note
that may of us can't afford the price of Delphi as a
result of our poor economic and political condition. 

Also companies prefers not to automate sensitive
information since they prefer using substandard
development tool that cost less...

In schools, the development tool choice is VS2005 and
i quite reason along with that as a result of its many
features... In my own school, of around 20,000
students, Delphi7 users are not more than 5... and not
that we don't know VS2005, but we believe Delphi is
more suitable for a SERIOUS application development

Personally i use VS2005 for web application and still
use Delphi7 just to keep up with my Delphi7 skills
hoping that one day i will be able to afford Delphi2007

But In Nigeria, if i am to estimate total devoted
Delphi users, they wont be more than 50, while VS
users might get around 10,000 if i am accurate(VS2005
taking the majority)
Comment by demola idowu on July 11, 14:01

In Libya all developers use Delphi 

In Libya all developers use Delphi
Comment by M.B on July 13, 04:10

30 Delphi Developers 

 Delphi is for small applications only and doesn't 
require a lot of developers.

It lacks a standard proven method to communicate 
Delphi objects between applications and accross 
networks. It just has some "buy this extra" features
which causes application engineers to be creative thus
isolate themselves from the Delphi communitiy.

--Just my two cents!

Don't get me wrong Delphi is great for small projects.

Comment by Eddy de Boer on July 16, 16:40

30 Delphi Developers 

Delphi supports or supported DCOM, CORBA, SOAP. Is 
Delphi lacking a standard, proven method, or the 
truth is *there is no standard proven method* 
to "communicate" objects?
Java RMI, for example, is not a "standard" because 
it works in Java only, nor it is .NET remoting for 
the same reason.
I agree that one of the errors made with Delphi was 
to rely on "standard methods" like DCOM, CORBA or 
SOAP intead of developing its own remoting 
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on July 24, 13:21

30 Delphi Developers 

 We are a company(Wiltech Software Solutions (P) Ltd.
in India.  For the past 11 years we always had 10 to
15 Delphi developers.  Right now, we are shifting to
Visual Studio + C#, and and as of now 7 Delphi
developers are in our team
Comment by Sacher [] on July 28, 06:48

30 Delphi Developers 

I work for a big company (> 10000 employees) here in
Sweden and in our department we are 15-20 Delphi
programmers. I think that VS has a lot bigger customer
base then Delphi in general here in Sweden, which is a
shame. I know of at least 10 fairly large companies
that   are using Delphi.
Comment by Fred on August 1, 11:30

30 Delphi Developers 

 I am looking for a number of Delphi developers to 
work in the UK.

If you are interested please mail your cv to
Comment by Martin Braybrook on December 22, 13:51

30 Delphi Developers 

We have around 10 developers that used Delphi.
RAD Studio XE is excellent.
But the TurboPascal was a legend.... 
Comment by Developer [] on November 5, 11:41

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