July 6, 2007

Two Weeks Offline (in Southern France)

I'm leaving my computer behind... while taking some time off with my family.

I'm leaving my computer behind... while taking two weeks off with my family. I'm going to travel through the South of France, coming from the south-east (that is, from Italy) and, hopefully, reaching the south-west, the Atlantic Ocean. So I won't approve your blog posts, won't answer your email, won't post in the newsgroup, won't write on the blog, you know all of the computer/web stuff. All my computer are going to stay home, well, almost as my iPaq phone is a indeed a computer. But I'll try to use it as a standard plain phone, doubling as a GPS. See you at the end of July.



Two Weeks Offline in Southern France 

Good for you. Everyone needs to take a break and 
relax and enjoy time with the family because in 
reality that is what is really important.
Comment by Mark Gohara on July 6, 17:45

Two Weeks Offline in Southern France 

 Hi Marco
Have a nice holiday & put some photos of your holiday
once you return
Comment by VT Venkatesh on July 6, 18:51

Two Weeks Offline in Southern France 

Hi marco

Have a nice holiday,

I'd like to know something from you people who have 
already bought Code Gear development tools

I was about to purchase C++ Builder 2007 when I found 
out that there was an additional amount of money I 
had to pay to have access to only 12 months of 
updates..... What does it mean ? If they don't make 
any update during those 12 months, I paid for 
nothing ? I'd like some feedback  please.

I've been tempted to leave Borland and use VS, but 
there are no real RAD IDE's for C++ out there .... (I 
think Managed C++ is not really good and MFC is crap)

I am pleased to see some applications I wrote in C++ 
with DirectX (and Borland) don't have any problems in 
Windows Vista, but I am concerned to see how 
expensive Code Gear tools are becoming .....

What do you people think about this ???

Thank you 
Comment by Francisco Benavides on July 9, 20:37

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