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Marco is a RAD Studio Product Manager at Embarcadero Technologies, a best-selling Delphi books author, and a Delphi guru. Read More.

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Case Study Webinar Tomorrow about my Mini Figures Mobile App

Embarcadero has asked me to give a webinar covering my experience in building and publishing my Mini Figures Mobile App, which is actually available on 3 Stores (iOS Apple, Android Google, and Windows Desktop Microsoft) -- Read blog post.

Key Traits of the Coming Delphi For Linux Compiler

Embarcadero is about to release a new Delphi compiler for the Linux platform. Here are some of the key technical elements of this compiler, and the few differences compared to Delphi compilers for other platforms. -- Read blog post.

22 Years of Delphi and it Still Rocks

To celebrate another year of success for Delphi. I dug a bit in my archive. Here are a few old images, mostly ads from Borland, before and after the product release. -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio and Natively Compiled Code

In today's development landscape, natively compiled code is making a significant comeback. RAD Studio has always been focused on it. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Week #50

Another review of announcements, news, blog post, webinars, and anything else related to Delphi that I feel important to share. -- Read blog post.

January Updates in RAD Studio GetIt Package Manager

I guess I should turn this into a regular blog post, here are some more updates in GetIt package manager, after those in December. More are coming shortly. -- Read blog post.

Fun with Delphi Contest: NASA API Mashup

Embarcadero is promoting a contest for applications that leverage OpenData, in particular the NASA API. Given the large amount of data available, there is room for building many different applications. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #49

The first list of interesting links and blog post of 2017, focused on Delphi development. -- Read blog post.

Answering the Question: Do I have Berlin Update 2?

There is a glitch in RAD Studio Berlin Update 2: For some users the About Box indicates the wrong update number. -- Read blog post.

My Year in Cities 2016

Following a long tradition of this blog, dating back to 2006 (and continued in each of the following years), here is my year 2016 seen through the cities I've been to. -- Read blog post.