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Marco is a RAD Studio Product Manager at Embarcadero Technologies, a best-selling Delphi books author, and a Delphi guru. Read More.

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Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #47

Here is another of my periodic blog posts with news and links from the Delphi and RAD Studio worlds. -- Read blog post.

New Windows 10 Style Calendar Control Coming Soon

RAD Studio 10 Seattle introduced several new VCL UI controls that mimic the WinRT UI controls. Two more are coming in Update 2, a new calendar control and a matching calendar picker. -- Read blog post.

Resuming the DelphiRazor Library Project

Given I've updated the library for 10.1 Berlin for a personal project, and also added a few new features, I decided to make my Delphi Razor HTML scripting library public again. -- Read blog post.

Updating RAD Studio GetIt Package Manager Content for Berlin

We have recently gone back to updating and cleaning the content of GetIt packages, updating them to the last version and creating package versions for Berlin as needed. Plus we updated third party tools. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #46

It has been long time since I wrote a summary blog post, so this is just a collection of highlights. I'll try to get back to a decent frequency. -- Read blog post.

Using Migration Tool to Move Your Settings to Update 1

You can use the migration tool to move your settings from RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin to Update 1, if you are using the GetIt based installer -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 Update 1 Available

Today, Embarcadero has released the first update of RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin, with many quality enhancements and some new features. -- Read blog post.

My 2016 Delphi BootCamp Language Session

On Tuesday, I gave my webinar at the Delphi BootCamp, focused on the ObjectPascal language. -- Read blog post.

Windows Anniversary Update Article and Webinar

I published an article on this topic in the Embarcadero community and there is a Webinar scheduled for later this month. -- Read blog post.

Linux Just Turned 25 and Delphi is Coming to Celebrate

The Linux operating system just turned 25 years old. What a better occasion to show a couple of images of the coming Linux support for Delphi? -- Read blog post.