I've just noticed that CodeGear has released two new hotfixes for Borland Developer Studio 2006. There are two Developer Network articles (for hotfix 12 and 13) covering them, but (at the time I'm writing this) the second is a copy of the first so things are a little confusing. The fixes can be downloaded from the BDS 2006 Registered Users Update page, but you need to be logged and have registered the product to do so. What's effectively in the two updates? According to the two readme files:

  • Hotfix 12 is for Delphi C++Builder and contains "fixes for a memory leak in the compiler when building projects and a codegen bug when comparing signed and unsigned integers"
  • Hotfix 13 is for C++Builder and contains fixes for "a Memory leak in OpenArray's assignment operator; Wrong declaration of PShortint in sysmac.h; TOleString is broken in Unicode mode; Variant operators failure; Memory leak in OleVariant"

I'm pleased that CodeGear keeps releasing fixes for BDS 2006 rather than saying: "sorry for the bug, buy the new version" as they did in the past (some other companies do). And if you use Delphi 2006 make sure you have Update 2 with the Hotfix Rollup installed (they are are critical for the stability of the IDE)... plus this extra one.

Later... I was told (see comments) and realized that both fixes relate with the C++Builder side of the product and updated the text above.