Blog Stats and Google Analytics

I've kept using Google Analytics to have an idea of the traffic on my blog... but I recently figured out it is flawed (for blogs).

Dr. Dobb's Article on CodeGear

On December 27th, Dr. Dobb's online published an interesting article on CodeGear.

My Year in Cities, 2006

I've seen a few blog posts with this theme... and found it interesting.

Microsoft Brakes 20-Years-Old CUA (by Alan Zeichick)

A very interesting article on SD Times points out that Microsoft is turning his back to the UI specification that was key for its success and that of the Windows platform.

CodeGear, PHP, and Ruby

I noticed a flurry of posts in different CodeGear blogs regarding the two popular web scripting languages.

Five Things

Five things you might not know about me... and probably don't care knowing!

Tooling Up With CodeGear (by Alan Zeichick)

An interesting point of view about what's going up in CodeGear these days.

Farewell, Jon

Jon Shemitz announced he is taking a job outside of the Delphi world, and not doing .NET either.

MSBuild in Next Delphi

Nick Hodges has some interesting news about the next version of Delphi.

From BDE to dbExpress (by Ethea)

Some friends of mine have released an interesting set of components and some guidelines for moving very old projects to a newer architecture.

Give It a Rest (by Larry O'Brien) and Search APIs

An interesting article on SOAP vs. REST, plus some comments on the Search API landscape.

Dollars and Euros: Here comes the IT Dollar

US software company have a strange concept of the currency. If Borland often used a 1:1 ratio, Microsoft is reaching new heights with Vista.

XML-Based Scripting: GXI

I'm developing and using for many web sites, including this one, an XML-based scripting language. Here are some thoughts.

XML Scripting Example

As requested by a few readers, here are some examples of the XML scripting language called GXI I'm working with.

Delphi Tutorials for Beginners

Nick recommends my Essential Delphi among other tutorials. Here is the status of the project.

CodeGear moves to InstallAware

CodeGear will change the installer technology used for its own products and distributed along with them.