January 31, 2007

CodeGear moves to InstallAware

CodeGear will change the installer technology used for its own products and distributed along with them.

It has been formally announced that CodeGear will start using InstallAware in its future products, or to use the words of the press release "...in the upcoming new versions of CodeGear's legendary developer tools, including Delphi and C++ Builder". As I wrote in the past in this blog, I really like the technology behind this installation tool (and also met its key author, Sinan Karaca). It is also remarkable that it is written with Delphi.

The press release continues:

  • Saying that a "special developer edition of InstallAware Express will also be bundled with select CodeGear products"
  • Quoting Allen Bauer: "Instead of building, maintaining, and shipping separate installers for all the languages, IDEs, and product editions that we offer, we are now able to build and deliver a single install image" which I guess will mean having a DVD-based installation
  • Quoting Michael Swindell: "Electronic software delivery (ESD) will be playing a larger role in the way we deliver our products going forward." Downloading only the features you want to install sounds like very good news!

Kudos to Sinan Karaca for writing such a nice program... with Delphi!



CodeGear moves to InstallAware 

Why not Inno Setup? Also written in Delphi, and

Comment by Erik on January 31, 12:10

CodeGear moves to InstallAware 

InnoSetup does not support Windows Installer - it 
could be an advantage, or a disadvantage :)
Anyway, IntallAware is more powerful than InnoSetup.
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on January 31, 18:21

CodeGear moves to InstallAware 

We moved to InstallAware too.  It is a great package
with good support.  I like it because it is really
powerful and really easy and quick to work with (a lot
like Delphi).  

InnoSetup is nice for simple installs that do not need
Windows Installer.  I use it too for quick and simple
Comment by Jim McKeeth [http://www.bsdg.org/] on January 31, 20:20

CodeGear moves to InstallAware 

Having tried both technologies extensively, IMHO Inno
is probably more powerful than any other installation
tool on the market. However, more importantly, it's
faster and has a smaller footprint. Who cares what
it's written in (even though it's also Delphi) 
Comment by Hadi Hariri [http://www,hadihariri.com] on February 1, 22:20

CodeGear moves to InstallAware 

InnoSetup is a great tool, but lacks some advanced 
features, some can be added via code, other can't. 
Installaware has some nice features (like SQL script 
execution) out of the box. 
Windows Installer technology has some advantages: it 
can rollback a failed installation, even when fairly 
complex (at the price of being very slow), can patch 
files (useful for large installations), and can be 
used to deliver applications via AD. Also, it can 
install software without requiring the logged on user 
to have elevated privileges. And don't forget merge 
modules... :)
I too use InnoSetup for some setups, but when having 
to manage a large and complex setup I need something 
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on February 2, 01:17

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