January 8, 2007

My Year in Cities, 2006

I've seen a few blog posts with this theme... and found it interesting.

I've seen a few blog posts with the list of visited cities (like this one), as a way to describe a year or work and leisure. I've not traveled that much, also because this has been the first year after 15 or so without a US Borland Conference. The rule is: "Places I’ve visited in 2006 for at least one night, in chronological order".

1. Piacenza, Italy, is where I live
2. Bologna, Italy
3. Aosta Valley, Italy
4. Arnhem, Holland
5. Birmingham, Alabama, US
6. Berlin, Germany
7. Frankfurt, Germany
8. Viareggio, Tuscany, Italy
9. Bozen, Sudtirol, Italy

I'm expecting to travel a bit more this year... I've booked a plane yesterday (for the South of Italy) and I'm looking for a couple of intercontinental trips...



My Year in Cities, 2006 

Weren't you in Portland this year for the Borland 
Conference? I could have sworn I took a class or two 
from you? 
Comment by Raymond Jenkins on January 8, 17:04

My Year in Cities, 2006 

Nevermind, I am mixing up my conferences... I went to 
Oopsla in 2006, Borland was 2005. Sorry. 
Comment by Raymond Jenkins on January 8, 17:05

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