I was tagged by Allen on the "5 things", so I have to respond. If you haven't followed, a number of bloggers (not only in the Delphi world) have posted five things about their (non-tech) life their readers probably don't know about. Coming after people who have piloted jets, run marathons, and the like, it is hard to come up with anything looking so special. But the 5 things don't need to be special, only something you probably don't know (although some people do know some of these):

  • I've climbed 5 mountains (or peaks, to be more precise) in the Italian Alps over 4,000 meters. I once almost got also to the summit of the Mont Blanc (European highest mountain) but after walking on ice from midnight to 7 am, I had to give up because a friend had problems.
  • I own and live in an apartment in a 14th century house with 17th century frescos on two vaulted ceilings.
  • I've once lived in San Francisco, California, for 3 months without a formal job, while writing a Mastering Delphi book.In that occasion, I was for half-a-day an illegal immigrant in the US, as I did a half day overstay on my visa (I didn't know that a 90 days Visa allowed you to stay only 89 nights!). This still affects me every single time I enter the country.
  • I have a collection of old postcards. By old I mean before World War II. I have postcards of that period from many countries around the world, including US, Japan, and more.
  • I own a science "encyclopedia" written in English and published in 1833. It is called "A dictionary of the Arts of Live and Civilization". A little outdated, you know, but a very interesting reading. I got this from a relative, I doubt I would have spent money on something like this. It is the only ancient book I own.

How is it? Probably not so exciting... but not that usual either. I know I should now also tag someone else, but I'm not sure who's missing...