January 10, 2007

CodeGear, PHP, and Ruby

I noticed a flurry of posts in different CodeGear blogs regarding the two popular web scripting languages.

Don't know if you've had the same impression, but after the announcements that CodeGear will offer solutions for scripting languages I noticed a lot of blog activity on this topic:

Finally, Nick Hodges (why your blog entries don't end up in the main page of the CodeGear blog?), has a convoluted post saying that "on the Delphi/BDS side of things [we] are indeed looking at new languages and the like. But so are the JBuilder guys.  They might do one thing on the Eclipse side, and we might do another on the Windows side." If I understand, this means that BDS and Primetime, the two current IDEs, might end up hosting different languages. With many Java developer quite active on Ruby and many former Delphi programmers doing PHP I might have some suspicion...

Meanwhile, I was tagged by Allen on the "5 things", so I'll have to respond... will do that tomorrow.



CodeGear, PHP, and Ruby 

In the article you mention in "Dr. Dobb's Article on
CodeGear" Stacy Cowley says "CodeGear's innovation
plans include a move into tools for dynamic languages
like PHP and Ruby, the new development darlings thanks
to their suitability for Web development." and it is
supposed to be at least an interpretation (maybe a
quote) from Ben Smith, right?
Maybe CodeGear is going to be a provider of
professional plug-in solutions for Eclipse, creating a
real IDE for those languages, including good
CodeCompletion, CodeInsight, and the like
capabilities? Maybe this is the "pretty massive
adoption of open source technologies".
Comment by Salvador Gomez Retamoza [] on January 10, 01:46

CodeGear, PHP, and Ruby 

By the way, except for those legal details, an Ecplise
plug-in package supporting CLX doesn't sound bad to me.
Comment by Salvador Gomez Retamoza [] on January 10, 01:54

CodeGear, PHP, and Ruby 

 I will also LOVE them if they include support for 
Python, the BEST of all, in my opinion, of all 
Comment by King Kikapu on January 10, 11:35

CodeGear, PHP, and Ruby 

 Anybody thinking of PHP and Delphi should take a good
look at the PHP4Delphi product 


It's good and it's free... for now
Comment by Femi Akintoye on January 10, 17:49

CodeGear, PHP, and Ruby 

"If I understand, this means that BDS and Primetime,
the two current IDEs, might end up hosting different
languages. "

This might simply be a minor type-o kind of thing, but
JBuilder 2007 uses Eclipse not Primetime.  Therefore I
doubt that CodeGear would revive Primetime to support
php or Ruby.

I also think it would be a mistake to support PHP in
BDS and Ruby in Eclipse.  To me, it's just crazy to
fragment the products like that.  Anyway, I wrote
about CodeGear and dynamic languages in my blog
(http://tinyurl.com/ymrl76), which I'll probably
address again once CodeGear's plans firm up.  

In general, I believe that for the dynamic language
market, building on Eclipse is probably a better IDE
core to leverage simply because it's cross platform. 
At the time I doubted they will do that and thought
they would choose to use BDS.  But given some of the
more recent statements from CodeGear, I suspect they
will probably use Eclipse.

But there is already stiff open source competition on
Eclipse and if they happen to choose to build off BDS,
they face all the VS.NET plugins for dynamic languages
too.  Anyway you slice it, CodeGear's got a tough road

Comment by Brian Moelk [http://www.brainendeavor.com] on January 10, 18:00

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