January 30, 2007

Delphi Tutorials for Beginners

Nick recommends my Essential Delphi among other tutorials. Here is the status of the project.

Responding to a request by a new Delphi user, Delphi's program manager Nick Hodges mentions, among other tutorials, my Essential Delphi. This is a free PDF with some chapters taken from past books of mine and updated to newer versions of the products. I recently started updating it for Turbo Delphi 2006, but failed short of finishing the work.

My idea was to keep letting people download the book for free but in an HTML format, so I could add some ads to the pages, or pay a nominal fee (3 dollars?) for the full PDF downlaod, or get a printed copy for a higher fee (still much lower than a standard book). The current donation model never worked out, I have to say. I didn't push it too much, but I probably get 5 or 6 people paying every year! Certainly not even enough to pay for the bandwidth used for hosting it!

As I'm having trouble finding out enough time for the project, though, this has been constantly moved to "next month" since last summer... along with a couple of other ebook / print-on-demand projects. But things are now moving... stay tuned.



Delphi Tutorials for Beginners 

Could you make use of lulu.com?  

You've got so much excellent material from all your
books, could you remix some of it for reprinting? 
Perhaps an experts guide to Win32 VCL and a beginners
guide to Win32 VCL as well.  Take a pole on your tight
 to try and judge the demand.

For new topics, I would like to see you publish a book
that focuses on building Web 2.0 applications using
Delphi, FreePascal, and AJAX.  Also include your GXI
XML scripting language and whatever else you've
invented or advocate.  Perhaps the book could also
introduce a new Open Source project that would make
you and your company the global leader in Web 2.0
application development consulting and teaching for
Delphi and FreePascal.  (I keep mentioning FreePascal
because Kylix is dead and Linux is here to stay)
Comment by Tom Wilk on January 31, 08:02

Delphi Tutorials for Beginners 

 I purchased Delphi 2009 when it was launched in South
Africa. I saw an advert somewhere that you'll give a
free copy of the Delphi 2009 handbook for anyone who
bought this. My software is registered with Embarcadero.

Is it possible that I can get a copy at this late
stage? I am on pension and want to do something to
help me survive financially with the little pension I get.

My e-mail address is: cce@telkomsa.net

Kind regards

Charles Olivier
Comment by Charles on April 5, 11:03

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