Responding to a request by a new Delphi user, Delphi's program manager Nick Hodges mentions, among other tutorials, my Essential Delphi. This is a free PDF with some chapters taken from past books of mine and updated to newer versions of the products. I recently started updating it for Turbo Delphi 2006, but failed short of finishing the work.

My idea was to keep letting people download the book for free but in an HTML format, so I could add some ads to the pages, or pay a nominal fee (3 dollars?) for the full PDF downlaod, or get a printed copy for a higher fee (still much lower than a standard book). The current donation model never worked out, I have to say. I didn't push it too much, but I probably get 5 or 6 people paying every year! Certainly not even enough to pay for the bandwidth used for hosting it!

As I'm having trouble finding out enough time for the project, though, this has been constantly moved to "next month" since last summer... along with a couple of other ebook / print-on-demand projects. But things are now moving... stay tuned.