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March, 2014

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Delphi Blogs of the (Last) Week #7

While I was looking to the mobile world, Delphi and C++Builder events kept happening and blog posts kept flowing. -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio Recharge Program

Embarcadero has announced a new plan for selling updates of Delphi and C++Builder. The idea is to make it easier (and cheaper) for early adopters and loyal users. -- Read blog post.

Delphi and C++Builder Roadmap

A RAD Studio roadmap for 2014 and beyond is available on the Embarcadero web site. -- Read blog post.

My Webinar about Modernizing Windows Applications (or Move Away from Windows XP)

In two weeks I'll host an online webinar about modernizing Windows applications written with the VCL. Live events on a similar topic are ongoing in Europe, and I'm presenting one in Milan next week. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the (Last) Week #8

Another week gone by, and what a week of Delphi and Embarcadero announcements, beside blogs. -- Read blog post.

Migrate Legacy Windows XP Applications Now

One of the drivers of my webinar next week on "Modernize Your Windows Applications" is the end of support for Windows XP, now less than a month away. -- Read blog post.

Mobile Apps Update Rate

Compared to the slow uptake of desktop applications, mobile users update very fast, due to store management and notifications. -- Read blog post.

Hotfix Coming for iOS 7.1 Simulator Problems with RAD Studio XE5

RAD Studio XE5 has problems running apps on the iOS 7.1 simulator. A hot fix is being tested and will be available soon. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Week #9

I skipped last week (as there wasn't much content), while this was a week with quite some interesting material. -- Read blog post.

[OffTopic] Oculus, Glass, and ViewMaster

I got these two posts in sequence in twitter, and it is a coincidence as they came from two different sources. -- Read blog post.