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October, 2008

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Speaking at EKON 12 in Germany

I'll be speaking at the EKON 12 Conference, taking place from October 27th to October 31st in Mainz, Germany (not far from Frankfurt). -- Read blog post.

Mail Server Down

My mail server is dead, I switched to custom Gmail domains. -- Read blog post.

SDN: Nick Refers to Delphi Prism

As the SDN conference in the Netherlands, Delphi product manager Nick Hodges made a public reference to a new project, Delphi Prism -- Read blog post.

More on SDN Conference 2008

I've not blogged a lot from the SDN Conference, so here is a post-conference summary. -- Read blog post. Podcast... With Myself

Last week I recorded a rather long interview with Jim McKeeth, now featured as Episode 10 of his podcast. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2009 Handbook: Progress and Cover

I'm at a good point in writing my new book, Delphi 2009 Handbook. Here is the draft cover and the current status. -- Read blog post.

Not so fast, TStringBuilder

Last week Olaf Monien posted a TStringBuilder benchmark that surprised me, because in my experience the TStringBuilder class isn't that fast. Here is why. -- Read blog post.

Podcast Roundtable and Twitter

I'm on Jim Mc Keeth new podcast, a roundtable, and got on Twitter on his push. -- Read blog post.

Vista Cleanup Overstated

The other day I had to install a program and having a small primary hard driver decided to go for some cleanup... -- Read blog post.

Six Hidden Features of Delphi 2009

You've heard about Unicode, generics, and the like... but there is way more in Delphi 2009, including a few hidden gems. Here is a random selection. -- Read blog post.

Embarcadero Shines Light on Delphi Prism: it is Oxygene!

The Delphi Prism press release has hit the web. I guess this makes it an announcement, this time... and we have more details. -- Read blog post.

EKON 12 Conference Report

This is a summary of my three days in Mainz, Germany, for the EKON 12 conference, which is still taking place. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2009 Update 1

A first update to Delphi 2009, fixing a number of serious bugs, is hitting the road as I post this entry. -- Read blog post.