The Delphi Prism press release has hit the web. I guess this makes it an announcement, this time...Notice:

  • Delphi Prism development language... with new features compared to Delphi Win32
  • Supports Mac OS X and Linux via Mono
  • Integrated Blackfish
  • DataSnap client creation

We also officially know where the technology comes from: A key to Delphi Prism’s multi-platform capabilities is the exclusive Oxygene technology licensed from RemObjects.

And also: Embarcadero has collaborated with RemObjects to develop Delphi Prism and is the exclusive licensee of Oxygene.

I think this is a GREAT move... more about this later.

Update (1 hour later)

There is now an official Delphi Prism page at and a very nice interview with REM Objects CEO Mark Hoffman at bitwise magazine. This one is a very nice reading.