I'm on Jim Mc Keeth new podcast (11), a roundtable with him, myself, marc hoffman (lowercase!), and Roland Beenhakker. It was an interesting chat, on various topics related to Delphi. I think the flash mod idea has merit.

On a separate note, Jim kept mentioning Twitter, than send me an invitation, so I decided (after long resistance) to go for it. My page is at ttp://twitter.com/marcocantu. My idea is to use that more loosely than my blog. Quite often I have ideas for the blog, or link to other entries, but have no time to write an actual blog entry, even a short one. Twitter might be a better medium. Also, it will be more personal (and politics might surface as well), while I tend to be more focused on technology in my blog.

We'll see how thinks evolve. As soon as I ahve time I'll add the twitter feed to the blog home page... Jim has a Delphi twitter sumamry on http://www.delphi.org/twitter/.