As the SDN conference in the Netherlands, Delphi product manager Nick Hodges made reference (the word announce I used earlier is not appropriate here... as there was no formal announcement) to a new product, Delphi Prism.

  • This will be a completely separate product, it will be a plug-in to visual studio, using the Visual Studio Shell
  • The separate product will be the .NET portion of RAD Studio 2009
  • It will be an all new, next generation .NET solution for Delphi with full support for the .NET framework 3.5
    (WinForms, WFP, Silverlight, ASP.NET, WCF, LINQ)
  • CodeGear will provide Datasnap 2009 integration and dbExpress for ADO.NET support
  • Will be sold only with maintanance
  • Will be available before the end of the year


I'm sorry to have used the wrong term "announces" as this has stirred some controversy. As Bob and Nick clarified in their comments, and I fully agree with, this was not a formal product announcement. Nick did mention, at the end of his product address (which included an updated Delphi Win32 Roadmap), what is the current plan for Delphi .NET... so he announced a plan, not a product.