CodeGear has announced on Developer Network the availability of an Update 1 for Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009. The site hosts also the complete list of reported bugs that have been fixed. Still it looks that the download for registered Delphi user is still not there. Now it is too late, I'll probably run the auto update on Monday (have to remember to start Delphi as administrator on my Vista box).

Looking at the bugs list it seems the areas with most improvements (or with originally more bugs, depends on how you want to put it) are the Ribbon Control, the Modeling and Class Explorer, and some floating point formatting routines and TEncoding methods. A few fixes are for generics and anonymous methods (but I have to say I find them very stable, despite minor issues). On the other hand I'll be happy to go on with my Ribbon chapter now that I have a more stable Ribbon... it was taking some extra time!

Seems this will add to an already very stable release, despite the large number of new features, and some quite radical changes like for strings.