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November, 2006

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DevCo Tech Blogs: Exceptions, Code Completion, VCL Stuff

Over the last wweek there have been a few interesting technical posts in DevCo blogs... by Allen, Steve, and Nick. -- Read blog post.

Kylix from Inside (by Michael Swindell)

In a set of newsgroup posts, DevCo Product Manager Michael Swindell tells us a lot about the internals of the Kylix project. -- Read blog post.

The Register: Borland delaying results, closing DTG sale?

Borland has dalayed quarterly results by 5 days. The reason was not given and The Register speculates... -- Read blog post.

My Tips: Indy and GMail

A practical Delphi tip: how to send email to/from GMail using Indy. -- Read blog post.

Tim Jarvis on Unmanaged Exports (and Mixed Mode , Again)

In his blog, Tim Jarvis shows how to call the cryptographic classes of the .NET library from a Delphi Win32 application. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2006 CF: Take Three

Once again, Borland fails to promote the full Delphi 2006 CF support. -- Read blog post.

CF Post: Some Clarifications

I got a lot of complaints because I my last post on CF. So let me try to explain myself better. -- Read blog post.

Debates about Delphi for .NET and VCL.NET

A talk on moving from Delphi to .NET at Microsoft TechEd conference are spawned some online discussion. -- Read blog post.

New CodeGear Company

News is spreading. Borland DTG Group (DevCo) becomes CodeGear and remains owned by Borland. -- Read blog post.

CodeGear, more info

A few more blog entires, with limited new information. -- Read blog post.

Welcome CodeGear!

A new company for Delphi means a lot for the future of the product, and of development tools in general. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Seaches on Google Coop

I was finializing my work on a custom Google search engine for Delphi... when I saw another one was announced. Anyway, mine has been online for some time now, even if hidden... -- Read blog post.

Ten Years of Torry's

The Torry's Delphi Pages, one of the best site for Delphi components, turn 10. -- Read blog post.

My Ramblings on Delphi and the Web

The rise of AJAX can mean a lot of positive things for Delphi on the web. Here is a (rather long) post with my ramblings... discussing different scenarios and options. -- Read blog post.

Google Gadgets... Written in Delphi

Google Gadgets are small areas on web pages hosted by Google Personalized home page, whcih can use AJAX and a Delphi/Kylix backend. -- Read blog post.

MySQL, InterBase, FireBird, SQL Server: Prices and Licences

Yesterday I hosted an InterBase 2007 seminar, today I read a very odd description of MySQL... so here are my thoughts on database licensing and prices. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Certification Study Guides

I'm mentioned in the Delphi Certification Study Guides... but I don't really get the value of the Certifications for programmers and found a few amusing errors. -- Read blog post.

Amazon aStore on This Blog

I've added a bookstore section to my blog site, using the new Amazon aStore. -- Read blog post.

CodeGear, ALM, Borland, and More

Two weeks after the CodeGear announcement, there is more info (Allen Bauer is blogging again, for example), and I do have more thoughts. -- Read blog post.