In the last year, I've moved a lot of my mail to GMail, although I still run my mail server in the Office. Now, beside my marco.cantu GMail account, I've started to move entire mail domains to GMail, using Google hosted services (very interesting, imho). The trouble is, however, that I have many client programs and web site applications that send mail, so if I want to get rid of my mail server I need to be able to send mail to GMail.

This was not terribly difficult, half-an-hour of research and coding, but not trivial either, as GMail requires you to use SSL for sending email. As Indy has full support for this technology (including TLS, which is what GMail prefers to use), it was only a matter of setting the proper parameters. I found many newsgroup posts, but none had the complete "ready-to-use" code. So I published it in a tip on my web site: Send mail to GMail using Indy.

I don't know if I'll be able to resume publishing coding tips like this on a regular basis, but in any case I've opened a new section on my web site (hosting technical tips with code in a blog is something I don't particularly like). We'll see if/how this evolves.