Allen Bauer has the first post. The new company is CodeGear, The only thing on the page is the writing:

  • CodeGear = new Company();
  • CodeGear := TCompany.Create();

Allen says "Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder, InterBase are all the core products around which this company will be built. But that isn't all we're about. Be sure to stay tuned as we roll out more and more information."

The conference call said (more or less) that the offers received did not value the business as Borland felt, so they created a fully-owned subsidiary, that will start operating independently while looking for another round of sale offers (unless I got this bit wrong).

You can find a press release here. It refers to "a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on maximizing developer productivity". Notice that "CodeGear will be led by Ben Smith, who was appointed today as its chief executive officer", and that is different from what was expected! This clarifies what it means to be a separate company: "As a subsidiary of Borland, CodeGear will have a separate brand, management team, research and development organization, sales and marketing strategy and global operating infrastructure."

More Links

Eweek: reports Swindell saying "We wanted to be a separate company, an independent unit to focus on our strengths in [Windows] Vista and Eclipse, but also in PHP, Ruby and other technologies" and "CodeGear also is working on new tools for mobile and device application development". The new CEO is quoted saying "the most exciting road map the company has is for its plans for tools in the AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and dynamic languages space."

Eweek second article: "none of the many offers Borland received for its developer tools unit satisfied the high standards he had set for a sale to be completed" and "In Q3, the IDE revenues were approximately $15 million"

Borland Press Release: Borland Forming CodeGear to Focus Exclusively on Developer Productivity - CodeGear – Formerly Borland’s Developer Tools Group – Expected to Become aSeparate Wholly Owned Subsidiary by Early 2007

Letter to our customers, partners, and fans from Ben Smith, CEO CodeGear - clarifies: "We expect the separation to be complete before the end of this year"

Borland forms CodeGear - FAQ, doesn't add much to the picture