While blogs often cover products evolution and features, the last week has seen a number of interesting technical / instructional posts by R&D members and product managers at DevCo. Allen Bauer made 3 blog entries covering exceptions and related issues, Steve Trefethen posted a video on Code Completion and related topics, Nick Hodges a video covering some recent features of the VCL, like margins and paddings. Here is the list of links:

I've been busy this week, plus my kids have been home from school for two days of holiday... that's why I didn't blog earlier and I'm catching up now. I find Allen's technical posts referenced above particularly interesting. He mentions facts that are indeed not very well known, like the destructor being called in case a constructor fails. I've seen many programs break because of this. On the other hand, my books (including my free online ones) cover the other features discussed. Which brings me to two questions:

  1. a feature discussed only in my books get hidden and buried... if there any other way for me to spread the word, while making at least some money?
  2. truly, a video can be worth a thousand words...