On January 25 I blogged about ".NET CF Development in Delphi 2006", writing that you can compile for .NET directly from the IDE:

Change the project search path to refer to the CF assemblies: Project -> Options, go to the Directories/Conditionals page, replace the Search Path with "C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\lib\cf" (or similar, depending on your installation)...

On July 7 I blogged about "Delphi 2006 CF Disinformation on BDN Continues", I wrote (getting an upset reply):

I am compiling my CF apps from the IDE, you only need to set the library folder to the " lib\cf" folder. The BDS 2006 IDE is fully capable of compiling CF apps and even provides Code Insight (including Help Insight for the missing properties of the CF). 

On November 9, David I and John Kaster demonstrate CF development in the Two Weeks of Live Webinar series (kudos to the initiative, I followed a couple today as I'm home with the flu, not really in the mood to work). They show Delphi 2006 can compile CF applications with a command line script. This was true in Delphi 2005. In Delphi 2006, you can compile from the IDE, and you get also a few other advantages.... as I tried to point out earlier.

I'm not complaining. Just pointing this out. In case anyone cares. Enough said.