Embarcadero Delphi

Starting today, it's is not Borland Delphi any more, it is Embarcadero Delphi!

Delphi Embarcadero, Take 2

Some more links (and news) about the acquisition of CodeGear (and Delphi) by Embarcadero.

Delphi .NET Plans (by Michael Swindell)

In a comment left on my blog yesterday, the head of Embarcadero product management provides relevant insights on the future of Delphi .NET. This is great news!

Delphi for PHP uses EurekaLog

Delphi for PHP, which is written in Delphi Win32, uses EurekaLog exception logging and bug reporting.

Delphi is Regions Free

Jeff Atwood complains with the use of hidden code regions. I fully agree. I use Delphi!

Borland Dumps the Bit Twiddlers, by Verity Stob

A very nice "reading" of the sale of CodeGear to Embarcadero.

CodeGear Sold for 29.8 Millions

Embarcadero Technologies bought CodeGear for almost 30 millions, of which 20 millions were in cash. More or less as expected. Other (European) problems were not expected, though...

Fix Vista with... Marketing

True to its own idea that Vista is a perfect product, Microsoft plans "improving" it with a large marketing push.

The Register on DavidI

The Register has an article on CodeGear, but mostly on DavidI, long-time Borland tech evengelist.

Tiburon Blogging Started

Although there were blog posts in the spring about Unicode in the next version of Delphi, CodeGear developers have been quite... until yesterday. Expect way more...

Maxtor Lost GigaBytes

Maxtor has an odd way of computing hard disk space... so I lost 7% of mine.

Delphi Documentation Online

With the launch of docs.codegear.com some of the Delphi documentation is now available online.

A New DataSnap in Tiburon

Among the many CodeGear blogs about Tiburon, one of the most interesting new areas seems to be the new DataSnap (or dbExpress remoting) architecture.

Delphi Unicode Experiments Video

I've uploaded on YouTube a very simple video, with a compiled Delphi application showing Unicode support.

vb2delphi Version 0.3

Albert Almeida has released a new version (0.3) of his Visual Basic 6 to Delphi source code conversion tool.

Busy Writing Tiburon Book

I'm not very active on the blog because I'm busy writing my coming Tiburon book